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Template Customization Service

» Redo template to make it easy to edit in Frontpage
» Provide access to an online template editor for you (without flash)
» Edit color theme, graphics, buttons, menus, content/text
» Add rollover effect to buttons or text links
» Add or create custom logo
» Add pages
» Remove link underlines
» Remove items from your template
» Editor create custom flash
» Edit page layout
» Edit/add your photos
» Provide professional stock photos
» Add color coordinated scrollbar
» Add coordinating icon set
» Add clipart
» Add animated scrolling news/text message
» Add contact/order forms
» Add registration form
» Web hosting & domains
» Set up email
» Site maintenance
» SEO & site promotion
» Link exchange
» Shopping cart
» Add e-newsletter
» Add photo album
» Custom scripting
» Add affiliate management
» Add live help/support system 
» Add digital goods download management system
» LLC (limited liability corporation) formation service
» Add forum, chat, guestbook, web blog, FAQ, site search
» Downloadable PDF documents
» Corporate ID package
» Custom business cards, flyers
Create custom ad banners
» Online calendar, sitemap
» Dynamic content
» Add tell-a-friend script
» Add "Link to Us" page
» Add "Bookmark Us" script
» Detailed site stats
» Content management system
» Add online polls and surveys

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  Our clients enjoy the personal attention of one professional designer dedicated to the success of their project ...

- Pam Roth
Managing Member
Creating Online, LLC

The design offices of Creating Online, LLC, located in Kenner, Louisiana, were damaged during Hurricane Katrina. We are in the process of renovation. Templates may still be purchased via our website, as it is an automated online order and delivery system. However, at this time, we are unable to take on any additional design projects or template customization orders. 

Our partner, Template Tuning, has offered to step in to handle all template customization work. Template Tuning has the same template inventory as Creating Online, and they stand ready to assist you in customizing your template to your exact specifications. 


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