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"The Perfect Pop-Up Window" Code Generator
Follow this easy step-by-step wizard to generate the code for your pop-up window based on your specifications. You will have an opportunity to preview your pop-up window and make changes if necessary.  Then just copy and paste the code supplied to you according to the instructions given.
Select Window Type:
Standard - Usual browser toolbars & scrollbars, resizeable
Console 1 - No toolbars or scrollbars, specified size (though resizeable)
Console 2 - All toolbars & scrollbars (no address bar), specified size (though resizeable)
Console 3 - No toolbars or scrollbars, fixed specified size (not resizeable)
Full Screen - Scrollbars only, fills screen (though resizeable)
This is the text link that your visitors will click on to open the pop-up window. Change to however you'd like it to read.
  Enter the full URL of the page you wish to open inside the pop-up window. (ex:

TIP: You can instead include the above Function Code in an external .js file, which will allow multiple pages at your website to use it and make it much easier for you to maintain. It will also improve your page loading time by removing the long script from the head section of your page. Before placing the Function Code in a .js file, you'll need to remove

<script language="JavaScript">

from the beginning of the Function Code and
from the end of the Function Code.

Then copy the remainder of the Function Code into a blank Notepad or Wordpad document and save the file in text-only format as something like: popup.js. Upload it to your website server. To link your pages to it, just insert the following tag between the < HEAD > and < /HEAD> tags on each page:

Now you can place as many Pop-Up Text Links as you wish all over your website, and they'll work just fine without having to worry about copying and pasting the long Function Code on every page!

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