Creating Online Code Generators
Javascript Photo Gallery
Browser Title Bar:
The name for your photo album as you'd like it to appear in the browser top title bar area.
Page Title:
Large bold text centered at the top of the page.
Page Intro:
Smaller text that will be positioned below the page title.
Thumbnail Size:
Thumbnails are smaller versions of the original photos and will be automatically generated for you. When a visitor clicks on a thumbnail, the full-sized photo will open in a popup window.
width: pixels   height: pixels
Page Layout:
Specify the number of thumbnails you wish to display on each page. rows x columns = total number of photos on the page.
rows            columns
Photo Captions:
Would you like the ability to add a text caption or description beneath each photo?
Gallery Style:
CSS stylesheets with coordinating font and table colors and styles and a background image.