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"The Perfect Pop-Up Window" Generator
Why do I call this "The Perfect Pop-Up Window?" Actually, I didn't coin the phrase. The team who developed this script at came up with the title and for a very good reason. With the onset of new web development standards, accessibility issues related to the various browsers, and the increasing popularity of privacy tools, such as pop-up blockers, a webmaster needs to ensure that their website will function in all situations. As well, some of your visitors will have scripting disabled in their browser settings for security reasons, so the old javascript links that we used to use to open pop-up windows are going to fail in all of these situations. By fail, I mean that you visitor will click to open your pop-up window, and nothing will happen! Not to mention the fact that search engines cannot follow javascript links. The team at set out to create a perfectly accessible pop-up window that will work in spite of the above issues. They created "The Perfect Pop-Up Window", and I am excited to be able to offer their generator below for my visitors' convenience. This generator will produce a standard href text link (instead of a javascript link) to open your pop-up windows. If pop-ups are disabled, the link will still open in a new window. This script is XHTML compliant. It will work in all browsers, and search engines can follow these links. PROBLEMS SOLVED! Visit to learn more about accessibility and compliance issues and to use some of their other cool tools to improve your website performance. 
The Generator:
Select Type:
Shows toolbar, location bar, scrollbars, menubar, resizeable
Shows no tools, not resizeable
Shows scrollbars only, resizeable
This is the text link that your visitors will click on to open the pop-up window. Change the text to however you'd like it to read.
  Change this to the full URL of the page you wish to open inside the pop-up window. (ex: