Creating Online Code Generators
Mouseover Button Generator ( IE4+ Only )

Mouse over and click the sample buttons below to see the effect.


  Or create a Mouseover Navigation Bar by placing the
buttons side by side on your page:

Tip:  To make all buttons same size, add spaces to button
text to equal the same number of characters on each.     

Instructions:  Repeat the steps below for each button. Click "Generate Code" after each button. Copy code below when you're finished with all.

Button Text

Button Color


Button Color On MouseOver

Font Type

Text Color

Font Size

Text Color On MouseOver

Font Weight

Text Color On Click


CODE #1 (Javascript)
Copy & paste to your web page in HTML view anywhere
between the < HEAD > and < /HTML > tags.

CODE #2 (HTML for all buttons generated)
Copy & paste to your web page in HTML view between the
< BODY > and < /BODY > tags exactly where you'd
like the button(s) to appear.

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