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Free javascripts to help you customize the appearance and function of your windows and popups including:

These javascripts are so easy to use. Just copy and paste to add cool effects and functionality to your website!

    Javascript Menu:
Javascripts are compliments of CGIScript.net, where you'll find these and more great scripts!
Custom Popup Window Wizard with Cookies
Create a totally customized popup window for your page. Can be activated by clicking on a link, a button, or when the page loads or unloads. Can be set to open only once per visitor or at set intervals (controlled by the use of cookies). Fully customizable, allowing you to specify window size (dimensions) or Full Screen, the position (where it will appear on the screen), and whether it will include scrollbars, toolbar, etc. Customize your popup window with our online generator and then grab your custom code and go! How easy is that?
Page Exit Popup (on unLoad)
This script is designed to open another page in a new window when your visitors leave your site. You simply specify the URL of the page, and it will automatically open as a regular browser window on your visitor's exit.
Multiple Popups at Once
Open two or more popup windows at once. Several options for customization.
Automatic Window Resizer
Automatically resize a window to a specified width and height on opening. Accomplished via a simple onLoad code added to the < BODY > tag of the page itself.
Automatic Window Move To / Screen Position
Use this code to automatically move a window to a specific position on the screen on opening. For example, you can automatically move a window to X0,Y0 (upper left). Great when used with pages you've linked to using target="_blank" (new window) or with popup windows. Ideal when you would like a window to open up to show more information, but you want it placed out of the way. Easily accomplished by adding an onLoad code to the < BODY > tag of the actual page that will open.
Hold Window Focus / Stay on Top
This code automatically forces a window to stay on top and within view at all times until your visitor closes it. Great for website news, announcements, or smaller popup windows that are easily shuffled under out of view.
Close Window Options
Here you will find several options for closing a window, including automatic close after a specified time interval, via a text link, button, or image, or by clicking anywhere within the window.

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