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Free Javascripts    
Scrollbar, Title Bar, Status Bar    

Free javascripts to enhance and make better use of your scrollbar, title bar, and status bar, including:

These javascripts are so easy to use. Just copy and paste to add cool effects and functionality to your website!

     Javascript Menu:
Javascripts are compliments of CGIScript.net, where you'll find these and more great scripts!
Scrollbar Color Wizard
Easily create an attractive, colorful, custom scrollbar to coordinate with your website design. Works in IE5.5 or higher only.
Hyperlink Status Bar Message
Display individual status bar text messages for each link on your page. Status bar messages appear when your visitor mouses over a link. Can be used to provide additional information about the link, sort of like a tooltip.
See "Date and Time Javascripts" for additional scripts to use on your title bar and status bar.

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