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Free Redirection Javascripts  

Free javascripts to help you redirect your visitors to another page, including:

These javascripts are so easy to use. Just copy and paste to add cool effects and functionality to your website!
     Javascript Menu:
Javascripts are compliments of CGIScript.net, where you'll find these and more great scripts!
Day of the Week Redirect
Redirect your visitors to a particular web page depending on the current day of the week.
Browser Type Redirect
Redirect your visitors to the web page that works best for their particular browser. 
Screen Resolution Redirect
Redirect your visitors to the web page that works best for their particular screen resolution settings. 
Meta Refresh / Redirect
If your page has moved, or you have a need to redirect your visitors to a different page, you can use a meta refresh to send them to the page of your choice automatically.
Auto Page Reload / Refresh
Use this script to automatically reload / refresh a page at a specified interval. Great for sites that have content that changes frequently.

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