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Free Javascripts Some javascripts in this section are compliments of

Here you'll find free javascripts to add extra features and special effects to your website, including background effects, date and time, form elements, generators, user information display, mouse tricks, redirection, scrollbars, title bars, status bars, windows, frames, and more. All are free and easy ... just copy and paste.
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Want your own easy Javascript Editor? Downloadable software - Write your own custom javascripts with easy wizards and WYSIWYG visual editors. Ssee the results of your javascripts, such as menuing. Works with Frontpage and other web design software. Checks your code for errors. More. Just $49.95!  Buy Now
Mouse Tricks Form Elements Window Effects
Impressive mouse and mouseover tricks for your hyperlinks. Customize and add style, special effects, and cool features to your forms. Customize the appearance and function of your windows and popups.
Date and Time Redirection Image Effects
Display dynamically updated day, date, and time on your web page, including date last modified. Automatically refresh your page or redirect your visitors to another page based on brower type, screen resolution, or for whatever reason. Display your images, photos, and banners in creative ways, including slideshow and banner rotator.
Visitor Conveniences Random Items Security / Encryption
Make it easy for your visitors to interact with you and your website, including bookmark us, add to favorites, print this page, and prefilled email contact us. Display revolving or random text, images, banners, or links on your web page that change each time the page reloads. Protect your web page content and source code with these scripts, including no right click and code scrambler and encryption. 
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