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Free high-quality icons, web page graphics, and clipart for personal or commercial use. Can be used for logos. 100% free. No link back required. No strings attached. All images are transparent GIFs for white/light or black/dark backgrounds. New gel icons.
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Free Icons, Web Page Graphics, Clipart
100% Free - No Strings Attached
All images were created by me in Photoshop.

Free high-quality 3-D icons, web page graphics, and clipart for personal or commercial use. Feel free to use them in logos, on your personal or business website, or in your print publication. These images are transparent GIFs for either white/light or black/dark backgrounds. No link back or credit required. Please Read Terms of Use

New Blue Gel Icons!
New Cooking / Food Icons!

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» White / Cream / Beige
» Orange / Brown / Peach
» Multicolored
» Blue Gel
Terms of Use

Images may be used in your personal or commercial website or print publication free of charge with no link back or credit required. They may be used in logos. However, the logo cannot be copyrighted, as I retain all rights to the images. They may be modified to suit your purposes. They may not be included in a collection, resold, or redistributed in any manner without my express written permission. Your use of these images automatically constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use. Note: While a link back is not required, should you wish to do so, feel free to select one of my text links or banners. (Thank you!)


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