Allforms Email Form Service

Are there any special website or hosting requirements needed to run these forms?
Your website hosting account does not need to support any special type of scripting. Forms are placed on your own website, but the script is remotely hosted on Allforms server. For secure forms, however, the information is transmitted and stored securely via Allforms server, but I would personally recommend that your website hosting account be able to support secure pages to protect your visitors during the actual form input. This is not absolutely required, but is highly recommended. If your web host does support secure pages, to make the page containing your form secure, you would just be sure to link to it using https://, rather than http://.  For example, if you have a link on a page at your site that reads "Contact Us", the URL for that link should be configured as:

When your visitor clicks on the link, they will be taken to your contact form page. In their browser address window, the link should still be

which will indicate that your web host does indeed support secure pages.