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Security Software
I am including this section at Creating Online, because I feel it is so important that webmasters protect their passwords, website files, and other data on their computer.
McAfee, Inc
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A note from Pam Roth, owner of To be safe on the internet today, you really should have several types of security software programs running on your computer at all times to protect your privacy, your computer, and if you're a webmaster, to protect your website files and passwords. There are SO many security applications and system utilities out there. It's hard to know which ones are truly the best. Based on my own research, the general consensus on techie boards around the net, and my own personal experience with these particular software programs, I am making it easy for you and listing below the most popular and best performing software programs in their category:
Creating Online Help Files
Q: Why do I need a firewall?
It's especially important if you have an "always on" internet connection (i.e., DSL, cable), since you are more vulnerable to attacks. Should malware / spyware, a trojan, a keylogger, or a virus happen to get by your antivirus / antispyware software, your firewall will prevent data from leaving your computer and prevent further attacks on your computer from outside sources.
  • ZONE ALARM: I have used the Zone Alarm firewall for years. From everything I've read, independent vigorous testing of all the most popular firewalls has shown that Zone Alarm consistently outperforms most other software firewalls. Here's an interesting article on how well Zone Alarm did under extensive testing by the staff at I find it easier to set up and configure than the others and feel truly safe with it running on my computer at all times. Download the free, fully-functional version of Zone Alarm directly from
  • NORTON: I have used Norton Systemworks Premier for years. I prefer the Systemworks version of Norton's security software, because I like the One Button Checkup and other tools that help keep my computer running well, as well as protected from viruses, worms, and trojans. Needless to say, if you're online without virus protection, you obviously like to live dangerously. Also available in Norton's comprehensive suite of security products are: Norton Antivirus 2006, Norton Personal Firewall 2006, Norton Internet Security 2006, Norton Systemworks 2006, and Norton Ghost 10.0. Clicking the preceding links will take you directly to Symantec's website, creator of Norton security products. And now, introducing Norton 360, all-in-one security!
  • TREND MICRO: Trend Micro provides a comprehensive collection of security products to protect your personal computer or network, including their award-winning Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, all-in-one protection against viruses, spam, spyware, phishing and fraud schemes, as well as firewall and wireless network protection.
  • SPYWARE DOCTOR: I recently had some stubborn spyware on my computer that none of the most popular antispyware products I had tried could adequately detect and remove ... until I ran across award winning Spyware Doctor. SD found malware on my computer I didn't even know I had and which no other program had picked up on. And when I learned that it also IMMUNIZES my computer and prevents spyware, trojans, and keyloggers from even entering my computer in the first place, I was sold. After using the free 30-day trial version, I bought the full version and couldn't be happier. It's very easy to use. It even stops me when I'm about to visit a web page that has been determined to be a "bad site", and it protects my computer in many other ways. Spyware Doctor was the perfect complement to my antivirus and firewall software, and now I feel so much more comfortable surfing the net knowing I'm FULLY protected. Download the free trial version or full version directly from

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