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Using Fonts in Your Web Page     
Excerpt from the 10/02/2002 issue of my newsletter   
Using fonts correctly on your page will help to ensure that all of your visitors view your page exactly as you intended. Visitors typically can only view the font you used IF they have that font already installed on their computer. However, there are ways to work around this and things you can do to better ensure that your page displays the way you want it to:
1. Specify more than one font in your font-family tag:

Example: <font-family="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica">  

Browsers will try each font in the order listed until it finds one on the user's computer, so list your preferred font first, followed by two optional ones. This also gives you some flexibility to get creative with different fancy fonts!
2. If you'd like to expand your selection of fonts, visit any of the "free fonts" sites on the web and download some new fonts! Here's how to install a new font on your computer: Click START/CONTROL PANEL/FONTS. Click "File" on the top toolbar and select "Install New Font." Scroll to find the new font you just downloaded and select it to be installed. The path may vary depending on your operating system. You may have to close and reopen any applications you were using before being able to see the new font in your fonts list. Another option is to open Windows Explorer (right click on "start" and select "Explore".) Find your new font file. Right click on it and select "Copy." Then right click on the "Fonts" folder located under C:/WINDOWS and select "Paste."

3. There is also a free tool available for download from Microsoft that will enable you to manually embed fonts into your page by creating "font objects" that are linked to your page. When a visitor views your page, they'll see it displayed in the font style contained within the font object. Here's the link:
Microsoft WEFT3

4.  Finally, have you ever been curious as to which fonts are the most SAFE to use? In other words, which fonts can be found on MOST internet users' computers? Following is a list of the fonts automatically installed on users' computers by both Windows & IE3+:

Arial Bold
Arial Italic
Arial Bold Italic
Arial Black
Verdana Bold
Verdana Italic
Verdana Bold Italic
Comic Sans MS
Comic Sans MS Bold
Courier New
Courier New Bold
Courier New Italic
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Bold
Times New Roman Bold Italic
Times New Roman Italic
Trebuchet MS
Trebuchet MS Bold
Trebuchet MS Italic
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic

Pretty limited, isn't it?  You can see now why using the three tips above will help to broaden your ability to get more creative with the fonts on your page!
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