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Tips for Choosing Effective Keywords
06/19/2004 - Author, Pam Roth, CreatingOnline.com

GOAL:  To put together an effective set of keywords for your keyword meta tag and to enter when listing your site at search engine AddURL pages. These should be words that are applicable to your site, exist in the text on your page, and words which people often search with to find information similar to that which your site offers.  

1.  You should, of course, review the actual text on your own pages to get ideas for keywords. Be sure to include every keyword you've used somewhere in the text on your page.  Get creative.  You can find a way to do this.  I've seen sites add a brief paragraph in the smallest font size at the very bottom of their page solely intended to use some of their keywords.  It was a readable paragraph with complete sentences that made sense.  That's okay!  It's acceptable.  Absolutely DON'T employ the use of hidden text (using a font color the same as the page background) or comment tags in your page source code filled with keywords.  Either of these tactics will get your site banned from the search engines.  SE's are much smarter today in their ability to detect spam.
2.  You can also do a search at Google using the one most applicable keyword to your site.  Using the five sites at the top of the list in your search results, check the keywords they are using.  You can do this by visiting their site, right clicking on their home page, and selecting "View Source."  It is a copyright violation to copy the exact keywords in their meta tags, but at least you can get some ideas for your own keywords.
.  Don't include common words (i.e., the, and, from, like, a.)
4.  Don't try to fool the search engines by including words that are not applicable to your site (spamming.)  
.  Be careful about copyright infringement (registered trademarks, copyrighted names, company names, brand names) when choosing keywords. You could be sued.
6.  Besides single keywords, you should also include phrases that you feel others may use when searching (i.e., web design, webmaster tools.)  If your site is a match for the exact phrase a person has used when searching, this will give your site a boost in the search engine results displayed.  
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