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 Introduction: Hello. I'm Pam Roth, webmaster and owner of Creating Online. I have been doing freelance web design since 2000. In 2005, I decided to form my company, Creating Online, LLC, and begin doing web design full time. I have always enjoyed helping others to develop an online presence, which is why I started this website many years ago and why I volunteer at several popular internet help boards, where I am currently ranked one of the top 10 experts in web development. 

Other Portolios:

Why choose Creating
Online for your web design services?
When discussing ideas for your website and offering suggestions, I speak in plain terms, so that you can fully understand your options. I won't overwhelm you with highly technical jargon. I encourage you to ask questions and tell me your goals for your site, even if you're not sure it's something that could really be done. I will strive to provide the services you need at the lowest cost possible. My clients are always 100% satisfied with their results and have expressed delight with how easy I am to work with, the superior quality of my work, and my comparatively low pricing. I can help you achieve an attractive, professionally designed, fully functional website while staying within your specified budget.  

You want a website, but where do you begin? An excellent place to start is by browsing my professionally designed website templates. They are grouped in themed categories and are a great resource for ideas and inspiration. If you like one, I can then customize it for you, to include changing the colors, photos, logo, titles, and text, which will make your website template uniquely yours. Or I can custom design a website for you from scratch.

Pricing: My design service pricing will be based on your specific requirements and budget. Complete my free Request for Quotation  form, and I will reply via email shortly thereafter with an estimate. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a professionally designed website really is.

  My Portfolio
political government website web design service portfolioWebsite for U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise This client wanted an online presence where the public could go to learn more about him and legislation in which he has been involved, as well to learn more about government, lawmaking processes, and voting. Project included ability for this client to accept online donations to his campaign. Also included downloadable PDF documents, countdown clock for elections, customized forms, downloadable press photos, content insertion, e-newsletter setup, maps, stock photography, detailed site stats, CSS, SEO, listing with the search engines, as well as ongoing website maintenance. I had been the webmaster for SteveScalise.com for many years, redesigning and updating the site as Steve has gone from the Louisiana House of Representatives to the Louisiana Senate and finally to the U.S. Congress.

This is a custom designed parenting community website. Site includes the use of the Discus forum software, as well as chat room software. An Amazon store was also incorporated into the website. Other applications used include blog software and an online photo gallery. Animated flash menu in header. Custom designed logo.

Register Real Estate This real estate agency website was new on the web. It was developed with the use of customized PHP open source real estate and client support software using MySQL databases. Included customized dropdown menu and original web page graphics. Creating Online hosts and maintains this site.

F & G Services Inc. This construction material supplier website was a redesign project. Client requested an updated, professional online presence. Project included the use of one of our website templates customized to meet their needs with the addition of stock photos, as well as custom icons and web page graphics coordinated to match their corporate color, teal, with various shades of gray. I designed a custom flash header and made the site more user interactive with the addition of multiple contact forms and a request for quotation form. Includes ongoing website maintenance.
Quality Sitework Materials, Inc. This construction material supplier website was a design project for a new company, an offshoot of F & G Services above. Client requested a professional online presence. Project included the use of one of our website templates customized to meet their needs with the addition of stock photos, as well as custom icons and web page graphics coordinated to match their corporate colors, multiple shades of blue. We designed a custom flash header and made the site more user interactive with the addition of multiple contact forms and a request for quotation form. Includes ongoing website maintenance.

church school website web design service portfolio
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church and Elementary School Website This was a redesign project. Client wanted something more professional to reflect well on their church and school. They wanted it be basically informative, to include downloadable church bulletins, school calendar, school menu, parent handbook, school newsletter, etc. Project involved a complete custom redesign, including online contact forms, downloadable PDF documents, content insertion, CSS, detailed site stats, and ongoing website maintenance.


Woodlake Estates Tennis and Swim Club This country club website was a redesign project. Client wished to have a more professional online image. Goals were to provide a convenient location for members to download forms and get information about the various programs offered, as well as to encourage new memberships. Project included website template customization, planning and development, creation of custom graphics, downloadable PDF documents, contact form, newsletter registration form, detailed site stats, CSS, SEO and listing with the search engines, domain registration, and website hosting. Includes ongoing website maintenance.
Wilson Properties Website design for a new realty and investment company. I was requested to design an attractive, animated flash-type design that would be strictly informational. Client provided their own real estate online application which was linked from their website. Included custom graphics, stock photos, and modification of one of our website templates. Creating Online maintains this sit.
health and beauty product store website web design portfolio
Self Indulgence Health and Beauty Products Company This client wanted an online presence to showcase their products and recruit for their unique home party type sales concept. I created a theme in the company's colors to convey the feeling of health and well-being and incorporated their logo throughout the site design. Included in this project were 100% custom web page graphics and layout, planning and development, online contact forms, search forms, product display, detailed site stats, SEO, listing with the search engines, and content insertion.
professional sports team website design service flash intro portfolio
Professional Sports Team Website
I was asked by Ricardo Richardson, Executive Vice-President of the ABA (American Basketball Assoc), to develop a uniformly themed website template which he could offer to all 70 of the ABA teams to assist them in getting online. The template was created with 100% custom graphics and designed in two layouts, one for the home page, as well as a content page. I added CSS for ease in editing. On request of a team, I was to customize the website template in their team colors, as well as add their logo and their own photos. Each team's own webmaster would then add their content and maintain their site. As part of this project, I was also asked to create a motivational flash intro with exciting background music which all of the ABA teams could use. 
MyLengthwise.com This template customization project included modifying the template size to span 100% of the screen width regardless of visitor screen resolution. To accomplish this, the header needed to be completely recreated in Photoshop. The photo, logo, title, and text in the header were swapped for those provided by client. The main section of the template was converted from solid graphics to pure HTML with the use of 100% width tables, table background colors, and CSS, which drastically improved load time and made it very easy for the client to edit his website in any web page editor. A new set of section title icons were created to coordinate with the template. Female model stock photo added. This client wished to fit a long list of products in a relatively small menu section, so a mouseover, multitier javascript menu was used to accomplish this. A coordinating colored scrollbar was added, and a complete set of optimized meta tags were created. Client will maintain site.
Custom Wedding Productions This wedding DJ/photography service was in the process of changing its company name and focus from Sound Express to Custom Wedding Productions, to specialize in weddings only and add photography/videography to their DJ services. They wanted a total redesign of their site to a wedding theme and wanted to convey a more classy feel. They chose this website template and asked that I customize it for their business. Template customization involved changing the color scheme from pale rose and cream to their company colors, black and gold, layout editing (moving and resizing section blocks), adding menu buttons, and customization of the flash header, to include adding their logo. Project also involved adding their content, supplying wedding stock photos, CSS, creating a black/gold colored scrollbar, creating an optimized set of meta tags, hosting setup, and ongoing website maintenance. The company has since come under new management with a new website design, but the link above will provide you with a preview of the original site design.

This freebie coupon / moms community website needed a new, more professional appearance. The site features links to literally thousands of freebie coupons in dozens of categories. Original design basically consisted of a solid white background with blue text links grouped in paragraphs. Visitors experienced some difficulty locating coupons of interest. I added stock photos, changed the color scheme to red, white, and blue, and organized the coupon categories in columns along the sides of the pages. Project included changing color scheme, layout, custom graphics, and stock photo editing. Owner maintains site.
More portfolio samples available upon request.
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