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3-D TEXTMAKER:  Create cool 3D text images for your website instantly with this free online tool.  Choose from a variety of colors, fonts and styles.
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Xara3D 6:
Create stunning still and animated 3D headings, logos, animations and even 3D screensavers in seconds. Ideal for adding impact to your web pages and presentations, optimized for top on-screen quality. Avoids all the usual scary complexities of 3D software!
Find out more CD: $44.99
Retail: $54.99
Freeware Downloads

Would you prefer to download free image editing software to your computer to use when offline?  Here are four free programs I would highly recommend available for immediate download.  These are all full-version freeware, not trials or demos:

VicMan's Photo Editor (photo editing / graphics)
Serif PhotoPlus (photo editing / graphics / animation)
DrawPlus 4 (graphics / vector drawing)
Picasa (photo editing / organizer)

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